Fill a Tank

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In 2016 Kid One provided 22,852 rides to medical appointments for children and expectant mothers
throughout Alabama.


Our second largest expense is fuel. This year we will spend over $100,000 on fuel for our fleet of 19 vehicles. Our Fill A Tank campaign is a way for you to directly support Kid One in your area.

When you Fill a Tank for Kid One you are providing more than just gas. You are giving a chance to a child who needs help to get the medical care they need. $50 fills a tank and that provides more than fuel for a Kid One vehicle. It provides a chance for a child or expectant mother to ensure that they live a longer, healthier life.

$50 Fills a tank and provides fuel for 10 rides
$100 Fills 2 tanks and provides fuel for 20 rides
$250 Fills 5 tanks and provides fuel for 50 rides
$500 Fills 10 tanks and provides fuel for 100 rides!!!

  Donate Today to Fill A Tank!