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Jamariya is 7 years old and every week, she and her mom travel from Wetumpka to Birmingham so she can receive dialysis at Children’s Hospital. Since experiencing kidney failure five years ago, Jamariya has been waiting on the transplant list.  Getting this IMG_3882-2lifesaving treatment means traveling three days a week – a lot of miles on the road.

But Jamariya and her family don’t own a vehicle. So for the past five years, three days every week, they have relied on Kid One Transport to provide transportation to and from their dialysis appointments. Kid One has been there – and will continue to be there – for every appointment, every mile.

When you Fill a Tank for Kid One you are providing more than just gas. You are giving a chance to a child, like Jamariya, who needs help to get the medical care they need. $50 fills a tank and that provides more than fuel for a Kid One vehicle. It provides a chance for a child or expectant mother to ensure that they live a longer, healthier life.

$50 Fills a tank and provides fuel for 10 rides
$100 Fills 2 tanks and provides fuel for 20 rides
$250 Fills 5 tanks and provides fuel for 40 rides
$500 Fills 10 tanks and provides fuel for 100 rides!!!

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