Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Tips for Scheduling Transportation Services

  • Call your doctor’s office to set up your appointment date and time. The sooner you contact Kid One with an appointment date and time, the better.
  • Transportation can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance of your appointment.
  • A bilingual patient coordinator is available for Spanish-speaking clients
  • To schedule transportation, call 205.978.1000 or 800.543.7143 and press Option 1 for Transportation Services, then Option 1 again to schedule a ride. Please be sure to have the name of your health care provider/doctor available, as well as their address and phone number.
  • Transportation may also be scheduled via our website. Click on Request a Ride.
  • Once a ride has been scheduled, Kid One will call the day before your scheduled appointment to inform you of your pick up time (these calls are typically made in the early afternoon hours). Please be aware that all clients should be ready at their scheduled pick up time and destination so that our drivers can promptly arrive at the next scheduled location. Drivers are allowed to wait no more than five (5) minutes so that all families may arrive at their appointments on time.
  • Please remember that all Kid One clients under the age of 19 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Cases involving special circumstance will be considered on an individual basis.
  • When your family has arrived at the appointment location, the driver will give you a card and directions to assist you in calling Kid One for your return trip home. Always notify our Scheduling Dept. in advance if return transportation is not needed. Failure to do so will be noted as a late cancellation.
  • When your appointment is complete, please call 205.978.1000 or 800.543.7143, select Option 1, then selection Option 2 to speak with our dispatcher and notify him/her that you are ready to return home. After speaking with the dispatcher, please return to the lobby or waiting area to await your driver. Please keep in mind that Kid One serves a large area of the state and an arrival time cannot be guaranteed. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding, as our goal is to reach each family as quickly as possible.
  • If you are a Medicaid recipient, contact the Medicaid office at 800.362.1504 to request your voucher after you have scheduled a ride with Kid One. It is mandatory that Medicaid recipients present this voucher when riding with Kid One. If you are unable to receive the voucher prior to your pick-up date, please request that the voucher be sent directly to our office.
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